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Organic Existence

ORGANIC - |or 'ganik| adjective - Denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole.

EXISTENCE - |ig 'zistans| noun - Any of a person's supposed current, future, or past lives on this earth.

Our goal is to connect everyone who is taking this course, to create an online movement to improve humanity and accelerate the process of developing ideas.

This project is about creating an open source online environment, designed to help people from around the globe to connect by sharing their knowledge, skills, and interests, with the intent of creating better global conditions and turning ideas into realities.

What really sets this site apart from other web-forums and social-networking sites is that members will have the option to donate one (US equivalent) dollar per month to fund member created projects. Each month users will be able to submit projects for funding. If a member donates to the funding pool, they will be given one vote. The project with the most votes will get funded.

I feel that by creating the software/coding for this site as open source material, we will be able to create a much more professional and intuitive user environment than by outsourcing it to a third party.

One of the most common threads throughout our posts is that we want to help.

So lets do it! We could even start by funding a project from this Coursera course!

Please visit the embeded Google Group below to learn more.